Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where to purchase the Mentor Lite Version 2

The new Mentor Lite Version 2 is exciting. It has: the now famous Epson Controller for far faster page turns (VERY fast), 8 levels of Grey Scale, Adobe Digital Editions, 16 formats, plays a great several rounds of Sudoku, and has one-touch buttons for: "Go To Main Menu", "Switch from verticle to horizontal display and back", "Go to Sudoku" and more. Of course, being an Astak product, it has the USER-replaceable, rechargeable battery, and an SD card slot to 8GB (enough for roughly 4,000 eBooks)! It comes with a fine carrying case included and plays your MP3 music WHILE you read. Also because it is an Astak product, it is "Open Format". That means you can purchase eBooks from 400 different websites or the Astak Bookstore. Astak believes in FREEDOM for end users to find the best pricing and always find what they seek. NO single eBook store carries everything. But, with 16 formats to choose from, you can often find even the most obscure eBook title. Downloading eBooks is a cinch on your computer and essentially drag&drop to get the eBook from your computer onto your Mentor Lite!

You can presently only find the Mentor Lite at: www.astak.com! That is alright as we sell for less than most retail stores would anyway, with their margins.

You have a one year parts and labor warranty, Astak all-USA technical support and customer service, and online support at the Astak Dedicated Forum on MobileRead Forum every weekday. There you can find answers to your questions, learn what other Astak-lovers have done, or just chat! It is a friendly and very informal place... we think this speaks volumes for Astak follow-up after the sale!!


  1. Robert, the website you mention only has the Mentor.
    No mention of Mentor lite. Are they the same?

  2. I noticed that the Astak site has international shipping, but no mention of warranty for interantional buyers. Are we able to send back fault purchases or are we better off buying devices that are available in our own countries, ie the Hanlin V5, as I'm not sure there is a Mentor version here in Australia, maybe the COOL-er would be the closest thing.

    Is the Mentor faster than the Pocket Pro?

  3. Robert, please clarify—does the new Mentor lite still use a light gray font for epub books?

    Thank you.


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