Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dictionary Support in the hopper

In answer to a comment sent to me, I am responding with good news. We finally have the factory in the process of adding Dictionary Support to the Pocket PRO and we hope the 6 inch EZ Readers also. It is going to take a while... guess is 6-8 weeks... but it finally is moving forward.

I know that this has seen a lot of stops and starts before... but this time it really looks like it is for real.

Meanwhile, I would love to invite all on this blog to join our new discussion forum (Astak Dedicated Forum) at:

Also, be aware that we now have the ideal place to get eBooks:

This new eBook Store is different. The search engine is more specific, the prices are lower, it has 200,000 "pay" titles and the entire Google FREE 1 Million library. Soon, it will also have a forum on eBooks that is interactive. You can request eBooks and authors, read eBook reviews, and read "Meet The Author". You can complain or post thanks! You can chat with others who share your interests! Plus, we are going after Independent Authors and Publishers at Book Festivals all over the nation to get their titles on our website! It is a very different eBook Store and a great one. Why not give it a try?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New eBook Store announced!!

Tired of worrying about finding the right books at the lowest price in the right format? Spending more time hunting for eBooks than reading? Worried about DRM?

Join Astak at the newest eBook Store: You will find most of our eBooks are either FREE (Google Free Library) or pay titles at the lowest price. We have 1 Million Google Titles and 200,000 PAY titles. IF your device uses Adobe Digital Editions (and most do with the exception of stubborn Kindle)... this site has it. We simplified everything: all titles are in either PDF or EPUB (both ideal for Adobe Digital Editions).

The site has a very sophisticated search engine, sub-category search, and search by Title, Author, or BOTH! One button gives you the latest BESTSELLERS straight from the New York Times charts. Not positive if you have Adobe Digital Editions? The site lists all applicable devices PLUS has a link for free download of Adobe Digital Editions.

You can either stay worried about hunting up sites OR join the crowd at:!!
Simplify your life! Get the best price, the perfect format, and a huge selection at this new eBook Store! Coming soon to this site: a full-fledged forum with eBook Reviews, chatting, and making requests!

EZ Reader PLUS a hit already, wait 4 weeks.

Demand for the EZ Reader PLUS is already building. It will be available first at: and This will be in about 3-4 weeks when the devices arrive. Astak does not like to promise something and not be able to deliver. So, we are waiting to post full info.

This PLUS will be a major player. The original EZ Reader Basic is a tried and true design known as having incredibly problem-free life, far less returns than other products on the market, more than 20 formats, great MP3 capability, and a USER-Replaceable Rechargeable Battery. Nobody that owned the Basic ever said it was not fast enough and they loved the E-INK screen giving 8,000 pages of text to a single charge!!.

The EZ Reader PLUS takes that same perfect design and interface and ruggedness and puts it in steroids! The fastest controller on the market (EPSON) is mated to a 400MHz processor. The speed increase is amazing and rivals or beats ANY OTHER eBook Reader. It still has all the goodies mentioned above... but now the screen is 16 level Gray Scale. The USB is now 2.0!! The memory is a cinch to increase (SD card slot to 16GB). The SD RAM is doubled to 64MB. Internal Memory is 512MB. PLUS, it still comes with a leather crush-resistant case and free ear buds!!

Compare this to anything else on the market! This is lighter (under 6 ounces), far faster, and handles 20 formats and includes Adobe Digital Editions for DRM! If the battery fails: no need to wait 6 weeks and send it off to the factory. Astak will have spare batteries for sale at no mark-up and it takes about 50 seconds to change. The MP3 is fabulous AND you can listen to music while you read!!

The price? Same as the Basic: about $229.

Worth the wait?? You aren't kidding. This is going to be a real blockbuster!!