Friday, February 5, 2010

6 Inch screen seems whiter

The screen on the 6 inch EZReader Basic has four levels of gray scale. The screen on the Pocket PRO has eight levels of gray scale. When you put them side by side, the 6 inch screen is considerably whiter. The 5 inch will appear a light gray.

Yes, this is normal.

Both are a pleasure to read from. The 8 level gray scale of the Pocket PRO is designed for far better PDF imaging (such as when you look at illustrations). This is what gives it the slightly gray look by comparison.

There is news coming very soon. It regards a new website that will have all the latest titles in EPUB and will also have the 1.5 Million Google free ebook library. Cannot give this away... but the announcement is coming soon!!

Astak is also hard at work on new models that will be released in a few months. Rumors talk of a crystal clear Touch Screen. A new 7 inch MID (does all a tablet PC offers and a lot more) is also due to be released soon.

So... stay tuned!!

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  1. OK, the EZ Reader has a whiter background. I like that, but how dark and defined are the actual letters? As clear and sharp as the Pocket Pro?


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