Saturday, February 27, 2010

NINE font size increases standard

When the Pocket PRO first hit the market it came out with three font sizes. As Astak is the ONLY eBook Reader manufacturer to have an Astak Dedicated Forum on MobileRead Forum, we immediately heard from end users that three font sizes were not enough. Within one month this was enlarghed to five (5) font sizes. We expected applause on our forum. The reaction was "still not enough"! Within one more month we went to NINE (9) font sizes!!

THAT did the trick and people loved nine font sizes AND the two pages of font style choices to choose from as well.

Every day, I, RobertbEZ, am on that Astak thread listening, solving problems, finding answers, and thanking every end user personally. WHY? Because those Astak Forum members chose the six colors of ther Pocket PRO! They also asked for and got: hyperlinks, a Search Function, better battery charge life, and a visable clock. Astak reaches out to end users!

Yet, some reviewers persist in living in the past. They do not realize the quiet improvements we and 0ur Forum Members have made! They play down the Pocket PRO for only having 3 font sizes! That is ancient history! We have been at nine for many months now!

Now... is this customer service? You bet it is! We let the most learned eBook Reader people on the planet make our devices better by encouraging complaints as well as accolades! Join in on our Astak Dedicated Forum. Go to under "support" and see our FAQ sheet for a link to our forum!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Problem with Simple Reason Sometimes

Today we received a letter from a person who purchased an Astak EZ Reader and went to purchase eBooks for it. The person contacted customer service and asked what format(s) she should buy in. She was told that we recommend EPUB and PDF as we have Adobe Digital Editions on the device and that would allow the loading of DRM (copyrighted) eBooks.

Unfortunately, she went to and purchased a DRM eBook in eReader DRM. Astak is still trying to gain approval to port eReader on their device. We have been trying for a year and it has been well documented. I have said we do not have eReader yet and, although we are trying, there is little to report. The box the unit comes in states the formats that the EZ Reader will accept... some 20 formats. eReader is not listed!

Now she expects to be reinbursed for the device and the eBook she purchased from Fictionwise in the wrong format. So, I again urge everyone to read this blog, tune into the Astak Dedicated Forum on MobileRead Forum, and read the box about what formats you can download in. All of the formats are also on our FAQ sheet at: under "support".

You can download DRM eBooks in Adobe Digital Editions now. Those formats are EPUB and PDF. All other formats are for non-DRM eBooks and there for your convenience for the downloading of even the most obscure titles that are NON-DRM!!

I realize that DRM is confusing. Astak is praying that someday there will be no DRM. But, right now if you want copyrighted eBooks they have to be in EPUB or PDF.

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Astak products coming!

CES resulted in a lot of new ideas and concepts for Astak. One of the first new products out is a wireless router that is far more!! Shaped like a beautiful football, this device is Touch Screen. You'll be proud to set it on your finest furniture and on your nightstand. It has a full clock and alarm function. It plays videos and does a slide show of your favorite pictures. Using twin side-firing stereo speakers you get internet radio and excellent sound. It has 2GB of memory to store all your stereo music. You can customize it to bring up YOUR favorites... everything from the latest news to weather to stock quotes and more... always right at your fingertips!

I do not want to give out all the details yet as it is due to release in two weeks.

What I want to do is make eBook Reader fans aware of the scope of Astak Consumer Electronics. Every now and then we are going to chat on here about Security Cameras, IP Network Cameras, the latest in eBook Readers, amd new and creative products. Astak is becoming a major force in this Consumer Electronics arena and you will want to know more.

Details upon release!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where to purchase the Mentor Lite Version 2

The new Mentor Lite Version 2 is exciting. It has: the now famous Epson Controller for far faster page turns (VERY fast), 8 levels of Grey Scale, Adobe Digital Editions, 16 formats, plays a great several rounds of Sudoku, and has one-touch buttons for: "Go To Main Menu", "Switch from verticle to horizontal display and back", "Go to Sudoku" and more. Of course, being an Astak product, it has the USER-replaceable, rechargeable battery, and an SD card slot to 8GB (enough for roughly 4,000 eBooks)! It comes with a fine carrying case included and plays your MP3 music WHILE you read. Also because it is an Astak product, it is "Open Format". That means you can purchase eBooks from 400 different websites or the Astak Bookstore. Astak believes in FREEDOM for end users to find the best pricing and always find what they seek. NO single eBook store carries everything. But, with 16 formats to choose from, you can often find even the most obscure eBook title. Downloading eBooks is a cinch on your computer and essentially drag&drop to get the eBook from your computer onto your Mentor Lite!

You can presently only find the Mentor Lite at:! That is alright as we sell for less than most retail stores would anyway, with their margins.

You have a one year parts and labor warranty, Astak all-USA technical support and customer service, and online support at the Astak Dedicated Forum on MobileRead Forum every weekday. There you can find answers to your questions, learn what other Astak-lovers have done, or just chat! It is a friendly and very informal place... we think this speaks volumes for Astak follow-up after the sale!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

6 Inch screen seems whiter

The screen on the 6 inch EZReader Basic has four levels of gray scale. The screen on the Pocket PRO has eight levels of gray scale. When you put them side by side, the 6 inch screen is considerably whiter. The 5 inch will appear a light gray.

Yes, this is normal.

Both are a pleasure to read from. The 8 level gray scale of the Pocket PRO is designed for far better PDF imaging (such as when you look at illustrations). This is what gives it the slightly gray look by comparison.

There is news coming very soon. It regards a new website that will have all the latest titles in EPUB and will also have the 1.5 Million Google free ebook library. Cannot give this away... but the announcement is coming soon!!

Astak is also hard at work on new models that will be released in a few months. Rumors talk of a crystal clear Touch Screen. A new 7 inch MID (does all a tablet PC offers and a lot more) is also due to be released soon.

So... stay tuned!!