Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Problem with Simple Reason Sometimes

Today we received a letter from a person who purchased an Astak EZ Reader and went to purchase eBooks for it. The person contacted customer service and asked what format(s) she should buy in. She was told that we recommend EPUB and PDF as we have Adobe Digital Editions on the device and that would allow the loading of DRM (copyrighted) eBooks.

Unfortunately, she went to fictionwise.com and purchased a DRM eBook in eReader DRM. Astak is still trying to gain approval to port eReader on their device. We have been trying for a year and it has been well documented. I have said we do not have eReader yet and, although we are trying, there is little to report. The box the unit comes in states the formats that the EZ Reader will accept... some 20 formats. eReader is not listed!

Now she expects to be reinbursed for the device and the eBook she purchased from Fictionwise in the wrong format. So, I again urge everyone to read this blog, tune into the Astak Dedicated Forum on MobileRead Forum, and read the box about what formats you can download in. All of the formats are also on our FAQ sheet at: www.theEZreader.com under "support".

You can download DRM eBooks in Adobe Digital Editions now. Those formats are EPUB and PDF. All other formats are for non-DRM eBooks and there for your convenience for the downloading of even the most obscure titles that are NON-DRM!!

I realize that DRM is confusing. Astak is praying that someday there will be no DRM. But, right now if you want copyrighted eBooks they have to be in EPUB or PDF.

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  1. The customer should contact FictionWise and tell them she made a mistake and purchased the wrong format. They are usually pretty good about refunding the money and getting the correct format to the customer. Assuming they have the ebook in Adobe DRMed format.


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