Saturday, February 27, 2010

NINE font size increases standard

When the Pocket PRO first hit the market it came out with three font sizes. As Astak is the ONLY eBook Reader manufacturer to have an Astak Dedicated Forum on MobileRead Forum, we immediately heard from end users that three font sizes were not enough. Within one month this was enlarghed to five (5) font sizes. We expected applause on our forum. The reaction was "still not enough"! Within one more month we went to NINE (9) font sizes!!

THAT did the trick and people loved nine font sizes AND the two pages of font style choices to choose from as well.

Every day, I, RobertbEZ, am on that Astak thread listening, solving problems, finding answers, and thanking every end user personally. WHY? Because those Astak Forum members chose the six colors of ther Pocket PRO! They also asked for and got: hyperlinks, a Search Function, better battery charge life, and a visable clock. Astak reaches out to end users!

Yet, some reviewers persist in living in the past. They do not realize the quiet improvements we and 0ur Forum Members have made! They play down the Pocket PRO for only having 3 font sizes! That is ancient history! We have been at nine for many months now!

Now... is this customer service? You bet it is! We let the most learned eBook Reader people on the planet make our devices better by encouraging complaints as well as accolades! Join in on our Astak Dedicated Forum. Go to under "support" and see our FAQ sheet for a link to our forum!!

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  1. I'm glad you increased the number of font sizes available. My decision is now made. I'm going to purchase the Astak EZReader Pocket Pro. Thanks for listening to your customers!!


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