Monday, February 15, 2010

New Astak products coming!

CES resulted in a lot of new ideas and concepts for Astak. One of the first new products out is a wireless router that is far more!! Shaped like a beautiful football, this device is Touch Screen. You'll be proud to set it on your finest furniture and on your nightstand. It has a full clock and alarm function. It plays videos and does a slide show of your favorite pictures. Using twin side-firing stereo speakers you get internet radio and excellent sound. It has 2GB of memory to store all your stereo music. You can customize it to bring up YOUR favorites... everything from the latest news to weather to stock quotes and more... always right at your fingertips!

I do not want to give out all the details yet as it is due to release in two weeks.

What I want to do is make eBook Reader fans aware of the scope of Astak Consumer Electronics. Every now and then we are going to chat on here about Security Cameras, IP Network Cameras, the latest in eBook Readers, amd new and creative products. Astak is becoming a major force in this Consumer Electronics arena and you will want to know more.

Details upon release!

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