Monday, June 1, 2009

First specs on Astak EZ Reader Pocket PRO

Dear all:

Here is what I have been able to find out about our new 5 inch Pocket PRO.

The dimensions are: 151mm by 105mm by 10mm in thickness. It weighs 160 grams including the battery. The screen is, of course, E-Ink.

The display has 8 levels of grey scale and it will have the super-fast Epson Controller (which makes almost instantaneous page turns with no "black page" in between). 800 by 600 pixels. Displays both vertically and horizontally!

It has a easy-replace rechargeable battery that the end user can easily change if ever needed. The battery is Li-ion 1000mAh.

The SD card slot supports all the way up to 16GB (with 512MB SD RAM embedded).

It stores and plays MP3. But... like the EZ Reader... this is great MP3 as the device has an equalizer that really works. I own an iPod and this is superior. This has a 3.5mm headphone jack for even the best headphones. I use top-of-the-line noise-cancelling headphones and it is every bit worthy of these!

It comes ported with Adobe Digital Editions!! You will be able to add Fictionwise eReader when the SDK is done.

It supports: txt, pdf, doc, chm,wol, rar, zip, jpg, bmp, tiff, fb2, djvu, gif, epub,html, ppt, prc, pdb, MP3.

It will come offered in 6 colors: black, tanish white, lime green, slate blue, brown maroon, and a violet (pink and purple).

It will be first sold on our new website: and that website will sell books and should also have a search engine for the 500,000 free eBook Google library of classics.

It takes a while to do 6 color samples, get them approved, and then go into plastic production. Release is estimated in two months. Pre-order waiting list in about 6 weeks.

Price will be between $199 and $209 (sometimes on sale and sometimes not).

It comes with that great Astak technical support, a quality FAQ sheet, the full Astak warranty.

The box includes a quality Crush-resistant LEATHER case, ear buds, AC charger, wrist leash, and USB cable. THINK about this when comparing to other devices. You get a great magnetic clasp leather case included! Obviously, this is a hell of a good deal!!

SO... I have been listening to you and I know this unit will never stop pleasing you!!


  1. Um, it isn't going to support mobi anymore? :(

  2. will it be able to read cbz and cbr?

  3. Are the firmeware updates for the EZ Reader interchangable with the Pocket Pro? I.E. will all the Hanlin V3 updates work on the Pocket Pro?

  4. Robert, please tell me you overlooked while you were typing, and .lit is supported!


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