Monday, June 8, 2009

Two samples of Pocket PRO arrived

Today customs released the first two samples of the EZ Reader Pocket PRO. I promised a first analysis so here it is:

The factory has upgraded both the processor (to Samsung ARM9 400MHz processor) and the controller to the Epson High-Speed. So... the first question I had is if it helped.

I am happy to say that page turns are a matter of 1-2 tenths of a second. You do see, if you look hard, a trace of a balck screen but just barely. Page turns are lightning quick and so is bringing up a new book selection.

Lightness: I picked up an EZ Reader 6 inch and then a Pocket PRO. YES, the difference in lightness (weight) is noticeable. The Pocket PRO is the lightest eBook Reader I have ever held and it feels great in the hand.

Scroll Wheel: the Pocket PRO comes with THREE page advance/ regress buttons. There are two buttons on the left, two buttons onthe bottom (#9 and #0) serve for this purpose, and you have a scroll wheel about 2/3 of the way up the right side. The wheel has a stud on it so you do not have to actually rub your finger over the wheel... just move the stud up or down. It works well and I am pleased. Between the three buttons a left hander, right hander, or ANYBODY will find the page turn exactly where they want it.

The USB/charging port has been moved to the TOP on the Pocket PRO. This is because it was a tiny bit cumbersome to charge the 6 inch when it was in the case. Now, charging is a breeze. The headphone jack (3.5mm) is at the bottom right.

There are two large and somewhat deep slots on the upper left and right. Some people think these are extra SD card slots. They are not. They are indentations to allow the crush-resistant leather case to hold the Pocket PRO securely. They do their job. In event of a nuclear detonation the case will still be holding the Pocket PRO like life depended upon it. Great design but watch your finger nails.

Just like the EZ Reader 6 inch, the clarity and resolution of the screen is at least as good, maybe better, than any screen in the business.

There is more but please wait for me to read the user manual and translate it into English fully. We are still discovering the more subtle changes and improvements.

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