Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adobe Digital Editions for EZ Reader

Astak will have Adobe Digital Editions as an upload available on its new website (www.goEZebook.com) which is now under construction. We will have it for both lines: EZ Reader and Mentor.

We also are close to being able to offer Fictionwise eReader as well. We are waiting for the final SDK and the porting to take place and then that will also be an upload on the new website.

You ARE allowed to have BOTH formats on the same device. Only Mobipocket is exclusive of other formats.

We think that this will be exactly what EZ Reader end users will want and it should do all you want a format to do. NEW EZ Readers arriving the end of this month WILL have Adobe Digital Editions already on them.

IF you have one of the few EZ Reader 6 inch with Mobipocket you have a choice. You may stay with Mobi OR do the upload when they are available. You cannot have Mobi and any other format as Mobi is exclusive. Amazon wanted it this way. On the website we will give ample instructions on how to do all of this. The money has been paid and it is coming very soon.

Astak is overjoyed to have this good news for you and rteally appreciates your patience!


  1. Restrictions such as Amazon's is seriously damaging for the ebook market.

    I read on PPCs and Palms as I have tons of books in iSilo format. Any chance iSilo may one day be running on the EZ reader?

  2. When are you going live? I've been waiting to buy one of the new 5 inch readers since last month.

  3. any news on ereader DRM ( I have purchased books for ereader on my palm) for the pocket pro?


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