Friday, May 29, 2009

New Astak EZ Reader "Pocket PRO"

Astak is announcing the new 5 inch EZ Reader "Pocket PRO" that will release in about two months. Many people have asked for a lighter and smaller eBook Reader that is easy to slip in a purse or sport coat pocket... BUT it has to have excellent battery life, outstanding reliability, and be retail priced around the magic $200 mark. It has to have North American technical support, have great software, be able to download both Open Format and DRM books, and maybe even do something with a bit of Pizazz-z-z!!

About four months ago Astak released the EZ Reader Basic in 6 inch. That device has E-ink for 8,000 pages to a single charge, three font size increases, displays horizontally and vertically, and has been backed by the San Jose, California based Astak. It also gave an incredibly crisp display with reliability that has been almost legendary. Even FRY's Electronics has remarked how there are almost no returns and no problems!

Now the "Pocket PRO" will take this exact same software and reliability and great technical support to a smaller and lighter 5 inch. All the things people have loved about the EZ Reader Basic are in this device: three font increases, great MP3, replaceable and rechargeable battery, a Grade "A" screen, SD Card Slot, and the ability to display in numerous languages and formats... are on the Pocket PRO. It will display Open Format eBooks purchased from hundreds of stores... YET it will also allow easy downloads from Astaks own website: (now under construction). On that website you will be able to download eReader and Adobe Digital Edition for your DRM.

What about PIZAZZ-Z-Z?? Try the fact that the Leather Crush Resistant case is included, as are earbuds and free pre-loaded CLASSICS for the entire family. TRY the fact it will be offered in: black, white, violet, slate blue, gunmetal brown, and lime green!

And the price will vary up and down between $209 and $199 (projected retail)!

Upon release, this device can be purchased at the new website... where you can also read the FAQ sheet and find all the tips and tricks to change fonts and operate the Pocket PRO right out of the box (charge first please). Did I mention fine technical support from Californians who love their product? Yes, we are different in California... but we're your type of people (we listen and solve)!


  1. I have the 6 inch version, and love it. I'll buy one of these for my wife the day they go on sale. I looked at a lot of the readers before getting my v3. I'm pretty sure it's the best thing on the market, and I can't wait to see what the v5 has to offer. Any word as to whether the DRM support might be added to the v3 through an update?

  2. I have been researching ebook readers for several months now...and I have to say, I can't believe I finally found you. I already own thousands of ebooks, which I read on my laptop...most of them are .lit, but I also have .pdf, .prc and .pdb books as well. Does this ebook reader support these files? I like to purchase my ebooks from many places and I don't want to be restricted to one place...that is why I will not purchase the Kindle or the Sony. I would love more information on this one. I like both wireless and non-wireless gadgets, but for my ebook reader, I want to be able to hook it up to my laptop and download whatever books I want at the time I want them.

  3. Dear Anonymous:

    The new EZ Reader 5 inch Pocket PRO or even the EZ Reader Basic 6 inch will support all the formats you mentioned in your email and more. It does just about every file format you can possibly imagine in non-DRM books.

    DRM books need something like Adobe Digital Editions (which will come pre-loaded on the Pocket PRO and will be in a firmware upgrade to the EZ Reader Basic in the next three weeks. Also... for both the Pocket PRO amd the EZ Reader... Fictionwise eReader format should be a firmware upgrade within 6-7 weeks.

    BOTH are Open Format and you can download from hundreds of websites.

    The EZ Reader Basic is on sale at $239 this weekend (July 3-5) at FRY's Electronics.

    THANK YOU!! I am glad you found Astak!! Spread the word!!

  4. Is this available for those of us in Canada? I have looked at both the Kindle and the Sony eBook, and although both are great, they are reather pricey.

  5. my boyfriend has the 6 inch reader and i have the 5 inch ezreader pro. We noticed the 6 inch screen background is much whiter and the 5 inch is very dark grey. We are just wondering if that is normal.

  6. Is there any chance that they will be adding more font sizes. Most of the reviews critize the fact that there are only 3 font sizes.


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