Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why no blogs lately??

Dear All:

Thank you for reading my blogs. Right now is a waiting game on just about everything.

The new website looks great and is really coming along... but getting the agreements from the people doing the work is maddening. It has to go throufgh so much bureaucracy. I am hoping that we can do the free walk-through of the site (no buying... just look and make comments) on Tuesday, June 23.

FRY's Electronics is having their best price ever on the EZ Reader, coming up. That will be July 4 or July 5 or both days. We gave in on a huge rebate so this will be the time to buy!! You already know the EZ Reader Basic is a Freedom Machine... Open Format and displays 14 formats!! You can buy books from hundreds of sites!! It is strong, reliable, E-Ink, and has brilliant features. AND... it is backed by Astak with USA support!

We are at battle over exclusivity!! We have spent about 9 months promoting the EZ Reader line (made by Jinke of China) all over North America. Now, we have to battle with Jinke over getting the rights to be exclusive for their product. At stake is the wonderful EZ Reader Pocket PRO. WHY? Because they did not just shrink it into 5 inch size... they improved everything on it. It has the Epson Controller, they upgraded the processor to 400MHz, it has Text-to-Speech, and it supports 16GB SD cards!! And, we want to offer it in 6 colors. WOW!! This thing is SO good that Kindle may just buy one!!

So what does a great device do? It starts conflicts. It is all about numbers. We know we can sell a lot of the Pocket Pro... but Jinke dreams of 100,000 units for one order. They aren't looking for growth... they want the pot of gold now. I mean absolutely NO disrespect for Jinke. They build fabulous devices. We love them. We just need to get them to ride with us just a bit longer. We are on the verge of greatness for Astak and Jinke. Long range... it will be Astak that makes Jinke happy. Long range... we can build a dynamo for them.

Anyhow, it is very hard to speak nothing but praise for a device and then wonder if you will have it to sell. The frustration is unbearable.

So, that is why I am not blogging much. We are waiting for decisions!!


  1. I have been barking up the ereader tree for a while now, and I was so excited to finally dig past all the hype about the Kindle and the Sony eReader to discover Jinke's new device. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only person on earth who thought an open format device like this was a good idea. Hurry that thing along now, I'm ready to start reading!

  2. Hi Robert, what do you mean "We are at battle over exclusivity". I thought you are the exclusive distributor of Jinke products in North America.


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