Thursday, April 2, 2009

Info on Pending Release of Mentor Lite

Many of you are already aware that Astak is blessed with two lines: EZ Reader and Mentor. This is because we work with two distinct factories. They come out with different designs and features.

The Mentor line was delayed as we did not think the first device was suitable for the North American market. The new Mentor Lite is, again, a great basic eBook Reader and has differences and distinctions from the EZ Reader.

The major difference upon seeing them is there are far fewer buttons on the Mentor Lite. The Mentor Lite weighs even less (about 6 ounces compared to 7 ounces for the EZ Reader). It is not earth-shaking but people notice it immediately. The EZ Reader uses a by-the -numbers approach... corresponding numbered buttons to choices on the display. The Mentor Lite uses a curser (like on a PC) so you highlite what you want and hit the "enter button". Both are effective and there are no"misfires".

The Mentor is slower on loading a book by a little but blazingly fast on turning pages. It changes pages without any black screen in between at all. So, for reading, this is a nice improvement due to an improved controller. The Mentor appears rock-solid and very reliable. I have been pounding away on it back and forth for three days to rewrite the User Manual without even a hint of a problem. The Mentor is also a 6 inch like almost all other devices now on the market.

One thing I really like about the Mentor (there is a lot to like) is that one button switches from Verticle to Horizontal Display and back again. That is a nice feature. It also has dictionary support and has a "search" function that utilizes a "soft keyboard" (keyboard on screen). Some will like the fact that it has eight (8) font sizes. It also comes pre-loaded with Sodoku, a puzzel game, that is quite captivating and comes up anytime by pushing one botton. Of course it plays stereo MP3 thru a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The screen is very high resolution and I do not understand why exactly... but it seems extroidanarily sharp in contrast. The Mentor also has an auto-off feature and supports about 20 major languages.

There is a lot more to write; and I will be more thorough once I am done playing around with it fully. Right now I am still exploring and then adding what I find into the User Manual.

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