Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More in-depth look at the new Mentor Lite

The new Astak Mentor Lite will be released in about 5 weeks. So, it is time to give a better rundown on what makes the Mentor Lite and excellent basic eBook Reader!

For those who are new to eBook Readers there are essentially two types on the market:

1. Backlit with LCD screen. Has a lot of shortcomings. While it is better in the dark and reading in horribly low light, the LCD type eats up power like it is going out of style. Optimal time between charges is 8-12 hours depending on the brightness level. Can cause eye fatique quickly and watering of the eyes.

2. E-ink/E-Paper. This is what the Mentor-Lite has. You get about 8,000 pages to a single charge and there is no eye strain. Perfect on a plane or on the beach. Want to read several books on just one charge... this is the way to go.

WHY buy an eBook Reader anyway? Aren't paperbacks just dandy? First, reading paperbacks causes eye strain too. Second, how often do you go on a trip and carry 200 books along with you? You cannot pack 200 books along in a suitcase but with an eBook Reader you can pack THOUSANDS of books along with you. There is no paper involved so it saves our forests for the beavers. It uses almost zero energy. There is greatly reduced landfill and did you know that paper bi-products are toxic? So, you are saving our environment with eBook Readers! IF you do not care... go tour a paper manufacturing plant and you will!

Now... lets talk specifics. The user interface utilizes a cursor just like on your desktop computer. You are use to that... so the Mentor Lite is fast and easy to learn. It weighs 6 ounces with the battery installed. It is as thin as a pencil. It feels great in the hand.

The Mentor Lite DOES reflow pdf documents!! That means that instead of taking an oversized picture and half of the picture will not fit on the screen... it "reflows" to fit the screen size. The result is a sharper and better picture.

Do you like to display your books by title, or author, or date added, or what? You have a sort function that lets you choose on the Mentor Lite.

You have one button to change from vertical to horizontal display!

You have one button to get you back to the main menu from anywhere else you might be. Want to switch books in the middle of one book? Push one button and find another!!

This Mentor Lite comes preloaded with the game: SODOKU. It is fabulous fun and really engrossing. All the rules are on the menu and it is easy to learn. Yes, you can choose to "pencil in" several choices or "ink in" the right number. ONE button takes you to SODOKU any time!!

It has an auto-shutoff feature that you can choose on time allowed.

It uses a straight-forward circular-type keypad.

This has 8 font sizes!! You have two buttons on the right side to set the font sizes. The menu for selection not only lists eight size selections but shows you, ahead of time, what size you are picking.

It has a removable and rechargeable battery!

There will be firmwarde upgrades that will give you both a search function and dictionary support! Download them from our website.

Supports open-format. Download DRM from our website. Planned formats are eReader and Adobe Digital Editions coming withinmonths via simple download. Supports the BIG TEN file formats!!

Languages supported. If you can speak at all... you most likely will find your language on the Mentor Lite.

This is a neat little package in 6 inch size.

Pricing and more detail forthcoming soon!!

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  1. Wow.. 8 font sizes? Very nice! I'll have to keep my eye on this one. Too bad I'm not a Soduko fan.


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