Tuesday, March 31, 2009

As a public service: prepare for Confickure

April first is the day that the hidden and dormant confickure worm wakes up and sends your valuable financial data to the buttheads who created this stupid malware (may the buttheads be publicly castrated and paraded, while being beaten, through the streets of New York).

Anyway, you CAN prepare!! You can find out if your computer has the dormant confickure worm. Just try to go to www.microsoft.com!! IF you have the worm it will prevent you from going there. This was featured advice on the Early Show this morning.

IF you have it, turn your infected computer OFF or turn the clock back on it for about thirty days... fooling your computer into thinking April 1 is not approaching. Then go online on a different computer and look for a way to remove the worm.

MOST good and well-known anti-virus with anti-worm capabilities will protect you!! If you have an older version of an anti-virus, update to one that DOES stop worms!

If you do not yet have the virus, go to Microsoft.com and download the latest patches including Service Pack 3.

Prepare now!!!

I am providing this update in my blog as the EZ Reader uploads from the computer and we want your computer healthy and strong. Our new website, that sells books and much more, will be opening soon (www.goEZebook.com) about 8 working days.

Thank you and good securing!!

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