Friday, April 3, 2009

More info on Mentor Lite

A few days ago I gave some preliminary info on the new Mentor Lite and mentioned what I saw on the prototype I am using to rewrite the User Manual.

I also mentioned (very honestly) that it was slow in bringing up the books but then turned the pages quite fast. It turns out my prototype does NOT have the Epson Controller in it; but production models will have this.

This will make an enormous difference in the speed of bringing up books and I wanted to clarify that my mention on this supposed speed problem is only due to the factory not getting it into the prototype.

This will be GREAT on the production models we will sell.

I also wanted to remind everyone that this is the first model of Mentor and about four Mentor models should be released in 2009. Most of these future models will be cutting edge with such innovations as 16,000 pages to a single charge, 8-16 levels of grey scale, 9.7 inch with flexi screen, and COLOR using a new technology that will still allow great charge length times (times between charges). There is also renewed talk of an 8.1 inch device.

So, there is a lot of promise showing in the new Mentor line.

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  1. Robert,

    I'm not sure what you are describing in terms of the speed in bringing up books. Are you sure the Epson controller will really help?

    I had the Cybook and now have a K2. I can tell you that, when I had several hundred books on it, the Cybook took forever (a minute?) to turn on and display the library. Then several seconds to reselect my current book and return to reading it. The K2 takes about five seconds.

    I don't think that this was due to the controller. I would expect the controller to only matter when writing to the screen.

    My *guess* is that Netronix set up the software to scan the library every time the device starts up. This library scan seems to be what takes so much time.

    Of course, I could be wrong -- this is just my guess. However, I would be surprised if the time to get into a book is controller related.



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