Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sudoku on Mentor Lite

While it is not a biggie (nobody will buy an eBook Reader just to play Sudoku) I think that the Sudoku on the Mentor Lite is a great version and I like to see quiet little innovations on my devices that are often overlooked.

There are always times when you have already read numerous pages of books while on a flight and yearn for something different. So, seeing this game on the Mentor Lite is refreshing.

First off, you will like the simplicity of bringing up the game. The top button on the left side brings up Sudoku without delay. I am a big fan of this "one touch" approach. That is the big advantage with the Mentor Lite and it can be a great time saver.

Sudoku is a game of guessing where numbers go based on what else is on the horizontal and verticle line and what other numbers appear within your 3 by 3 box. There is some guessing involved. That is why doing Sudoku in a magazine or newspaper can be frustrating. It can be hard to mark tentative possibilities and then (thru elimination) find the definite choice.

Also, people at various skill levels still need to be able to play and find it easy enough while staying challenging. Mentor Lite gives you that "easy-normal-hard" selection right off. It will also solve the "puzzel" for you when you get stuck. It gives you choices for pen, pencil, and erase. You can pencil in the possibilities for each square, 3-4 choices if needed for any one square, and yet let you erase and pen in your selection when you are ready. Using a cursor you pick the number and then decide to use a pencil or pen. You can always bring up "restart" and exiting is easy too.

The user manual has good game directions and, because Astak ALWAYS does a great FAQ sheet to help who buys our devices... we will put directions on there as well.

So... that is a brief rundown on the Sudoku feature on the Mentor Lite. I enjoyed playing it and I know you will also!!


  1. I very much hope users will be able to reprogram that "directly to Sudoku" dedicated button so something useful.
    Like bringing up a list of 10 last read books, or perhaps a pageturn. Because there are never enough "page up" buttons on a device unless, that is, you have a reader you can rotate 90, 180 and 270 degrees so a pageturn button is always under the most convenient finger.

    I very much hope user is not supposed to turn pages using that funny circular button.
    How I am supposed to turn pages when I hold the reader in my left hand?

  2. Sudoku is like crack. :-) How many games are pre-installed? Can new games be imported?

    Robert, you hinted that players can "pencil in" guesses at the number before committing, is that the case? (I've seen electronic Sudoko games like that, in fact I have one installed on my Treo.)

  3. Duh, never mind the second part, I re-read your post and the answer is there.


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