Monday, July 12, 2010

New eBook store launched and new company

The new name for Astak's eBook division is now "EZRead, Inc." This is the start of a massive change in where we are going from here. EZRead, Inc. is not a divsion but a separate company with its own CEO and its own game plan. It is an exciting time!

Yes, some people have written and stated that the lowering of prices by Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and Sony mean Astak should follow suit. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to lose money like these others. They are now selling at lower than their cost to make the devices. We have beem selling at our cost for quite some time. We have built up a large following of loyal end users that realize EZRead makes a great product that is consistently lighter, faster, and far more full featured than the other choices. We want to keep them happy also!

We cannot lower our prices any further as we are at cost already. These large three can sustain losing for years if they want. Many other eBook Device makers have gone bankrupt and that is sad as it means that less innovation and less creativity will be the result. While some end users may love the lower prices... most onnovation comes from samll to medium sized companies and not giant conglomerates. So, EZread will continue to make and sell new models and existing models that will continue to offer a better value. They will have more features and far greater value. They will be competitively priced; but are not going to sell at a loss. The first of these (EZ Reader PLUS) will be selling before the end of July.

What we are putting a large investment into is our eBook Store ( That is getting a complete redesign by a professional firm and will offer more eBooks, more author interviews, a wish list, a better search engine, and a lot more that is confiential right now. We aim to make this eBook Store (now open during remodeling) fabulous. Right now you will note that prices are lower than at other bookstores and we will keep it that way! Keep your eyes on that eBook Store for real excitement!! Yes, you could shop elsewhere for the same book and pay a lot more... but why not get the ideal eBook for less and support EZRead? Also... EZread supports and courts the Independent Authors and Publishers in addition to the major Publishers!! You will find titles there that are fabulous and not available elsewhere! If you utilize Adobe Digital Editions... shop EZread!! We have 400,000 "pay" titles and the entire Google Free Library of 1 MILLION FREE eBooks!! Membership is FREE!!

I am going in for Knee Surgery on July 14, 2010... and will not be posting for 2-3 weeks. Please be patient. This blog will soon be buzzing with a lot of new information on devices and eBooks!

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  1. Cool. This is a huge ebook. However, it is not thin as the other ebook readers. I was wondering about the advantages of using this ebook reader instead of the thin ones? Does it have built in ebooks too? or a longer list of ebooks to read from? I mean compelete ebooks not 1 million trial versions of ebooks.


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