Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New EZ Reader PLUS being ordered from factory

The new EZ Reader PLUS, which will make ALL the difference, is being ordered from the factory. The shipment will be in our warehouse in about 4 weeks.

The new PLUS is a very, very strong 6 inch contender. WHY? This has 16 level grey scale, the Epson controller with 400MHz processor for blazing page turns, USB 2.0, SD card memory expansion to 16GB (enough for 8,000 novels and your MP3 music), 64MB SD RAM (double the norm for faster opening of eBooks), a USER-Replaceable Rechargeable Battery, comes with the quality crush-resistant case and ear buds included, has 20 formats and displays 26 languages, ported with Adobe Digital Editions, and has the now-famous Astak Dedicated Forum where you can get answers to your questions and help from Astak ONLINE! Price will likely be about $219.
AND... of course... buying eBooks or getting free eBooks is simple at the new Astak eBook Store: www.EZread.com where we have 400,000 pay titles and more than 1 MILLION Google Free Library eBooks.

Now, we still have a few hundred EZ Reader Basics left in stock. We have them on sale now with a free 2GB SD card, preloaded 500 classics, and a FREE download of the bestseller: "The Girl With the Dragon Taatoo". You can find that at: www.theEZreader.com (domestic)or www.astak.com (international). That price is $199 with all the free goodies until July 4. That is still a remarkably able 6 inch that has a fabulous screen and has proven to have almost zero returns.

In any case, those must sell out first!!

We HAVE to move out all the EZ Reader Basics before we put the PLUS on sale.

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  1. AWESOME!!! CANT WAIT! Put me down for 1.


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