Thursday, October 8, 2009

WoW!! Pocket PRO with great reviews!!

Well, the Astak Pocket PRO has been out now about a month or so! I thin it is time to check back in and see what the reviewers have been like and WHY the reviews were positive.

You can see many of the reviews and comments posted on our website:

But WHY did they like it and why is it an overwhelming success. More than that, has it been a "Landmark Device" like I thought it would be.

Overwhelmingly, the single main reason people like the Pocket PRO is the wealth of formats! The Pocket PRO displays 20 formats and 20 languages. This means that you are free to buy eBooks from over 300 different websites. It means that English may be the main language of the USA... but people still prefer to read in their native tongue: Spanish, French, Potugese. Romanian, Chinese, Korean and so on.

The Pocket PRO has Adobe DRM and 8 level grey scale. The grey scale shows up illustarations much more clearly. The Adobe allows reflow of pdf pictrues and illustrations to fit the screen. Reviewers liked that!

Reviewers liked the idea of having MP3 stereo on the device and praised the 3.5mm headphone jack. They liked the Text-To-Speech features and said while it may sound still a bit robotic it was pleasant enough and it turned the pages automatically!

The colors were successful!! The Pocket PRO comes in six different colors. We knew the Black and the White and the Slate Blue were fine... but we took a risk with the Fuscia Pink and the Metallic Purple and the Maroon! Feddback and buying have shown that women LOVE having the "cute" Pink and Metallic Purple and they are not afraid to say it! Women-Only Websites have praised it as perfect to sell to their patrons. It appears that Astak's colors have captured the hearts of all sexes!

Every review praised how EASY it was to download the eBooks!! Most found this very simple, fast, and incredibly easy. One TV reviewer called to ask HOW to download a book and was amazed that within 35 seconds he had what he wanted and it read perfectly. There is NOTHING like making someone feel like an "expert" by simply doing what they wanted to do. This ease of downlaoding really impressed!

Many reviewers picked up on the USER-REPLACEABLE rechargeable battery arguing that sealed batteries are a hassle, and expense, and maybe 4-6 weeks without their eBook Reader! They argued WHO would buy a $199 device and then pay $100 plus freight to have the factroy change the battery for them. The Pocket PRO battery takes maybe a minute to change yourself!

There were some engatives that should be noted: the device did not have Hyperlinks or a Search Function and the Bookmarking was "clunky". Thus, Astak issued free Formware Uploads that eliminated every one of these problems at once and the End Users raved how great it worked!

OH, that SD card slot drew praise too! Just that it has a slot was great... but it supported up to a 16GB card (room for 8,000 ebooks and music)!!

Finally, what won them over entirely and had many reviewers BUY their eval unit was the price! $199-$229 seemed incredibly like a bargain!! This was one eBook Reader that was priced just right.

Is it better than the Kindle? Some brought that up and thought that it was. While the Kindle is a fine device, it has no expansion slot, a sealed-in battery, one format (that seems to be going out of style quickly as ADE becomes dominant), and it ties you forever to buying from one website. Only you can answer this question. We will not! We just know that the Pocket PRO is a hit and people love it. I think that is all any manufacturer could want!


  1. I do have 5" Pocket Pro and I do love it.

    There are some issues - for example bookmarks do not work when there are spaces in folder names but I was told Astak is aware of it and it will be fixed.

    Any update on eReader format (PDB) support ?



  2. Dear Michal:

    The new firmware upgrades for the Pocket PRO are out and on our website: These upgrades give you Hyperlinks (even for EPUB), give you a Search Function, and give you an improved Bookmarking capability.

    We are working every day on getting a final contract from Barnes & Noble that is acceptable. I am under an NDA so cannot say much... but we want it very badly and are praying for something acceptable daily!

  3. Thank you for you reply Robert.

    I do have the last firmware.

    And I just wonder - is this Barnes & Noble deal exclusive for Astak or Jinke as well ? I am asking to know how much different will be Astak's firmware vs Jinke's

    Regards from the Czech Republic,


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