Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why would I buy an eBook Reader?

At a Trade Show, about a year ago, someone asked the question: "If I can buy a paperback book for $10, why would I want to buy an eBook Reader for $300". This told me that a major part of selling eBook Readers is education!

First off, there are the obvious benefits. Try lugging around 20 or thirty paperback books on your next trip to the beach. The Astak Pocket PRO can hold up to 8,000 eBooks in the palm of your hand. Secondly, how many of us get weary and watering eyes while reading? There is no eye strain with an eBook Reader because of E-Ink technology. It is easy on the eyes. How many boxes are stored in your attic or basement or garage filled with old paperbacks, hard cover books, magazines, and such? So, you reduce all that clutter in your life. Ever tried to find a book you read a year ago? Books are like socks in a washer... they disappear. Not so with an eBook Reader. Ever carried a boom box around for listening to music while you read? Well, the Pocket PRO gives you far better sound with its MP3 stereo and a quality pair of noise-cancelling headphones and weighs less than 6 ounces. Reduce the clutter and hassle in your life with an eBook Reader.

BUT... the obvious is a small part of the benefit. The non-obvious is largely environmental and its impact on your wallet, folks.

You may note that all printed books are on white paper. Isn't it wonderful how trees produce white paper for your pleasure? The truth is... they do not. Paper mill pulp comes from cutting down living trees. About 16% is grown on "tree farms". The rest is "old growth forest"! You may note that old growth forests are fast disappearing and Paul Bunyon and Babe (the blue ox) are not finding any more. Further... you may note that trees are NOT WHITE inside. What makes pulp white is BLEACHING!! Why is this important? Because Paper Mill Sludge comes from the bleaching of paper to white. Like nuclear fuel... you cannot mitigate the harm to the environment. Paper Mill Sludge contains 32 known carcinogens. In Canada, they actually tried using it as a mulch on farmland with epic disastrous results. It runs into our streams and lakes and rivers. It enters the food chain. It poisons everything it comes in contact with.

Then they make the books. $10 paperback? Think again. Old paperbacks and hard covers and magazines and newspapers end up (sadly) in our landfill!! Seen many new "dumps" opening in your area lately?? We are fast running out of landfill, folks.

So... how does this impact your wallet? Publishers buy paper, they do not materialize it. If we have a Paper Mill Sludge problem, limited trees, and lack of landfill space... we ARE talking that paper products are going way up in cost! eBooks are coming way down in cost. When a paperback books costs three times what an eBook costs... you will see the benefit to eBook Readers or stop reading!

In 1855, Chief Seattle of the Dwamish Tribe in Washington State put it exactly right: "All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Continue to deficate in your own bed and you will one night suffocate in your own waste."

We are about to suffocate in the bed we are making. Look closely into eBook Readers. The Pocket PRO is $199 and is lighter, and faster, and more full-featured than almost any other eBook Reader. It is a fine start in making your bed (the earth) last a little longer while giving you far more convenience and less clutter.


  1. I completely agree with you. I hate seeing the landfields and I hate seeing trees cut down.
    But I do love to read. The CEO of MS says that we should just use the PC and I say to him I hope his eyes are better suited to the Computer screen than mine. I read on a computer screen even the best screens for more that a few mins and my eyes are hurting and I get a headache. I can read with my Ezreader for hours on end with out any issues.

    I have to Ezreader Basic. And I am hoping for a larger screen reader in the future. And I am also hoping for the B&N contract to be approved.

  2. I would like to buy an EZreader Pro in Canada. Does Astak have a retailer in Canada. I do not want to pay the shipping and handling fees involved in international shipping. I have a US addres but the astak website will not let me put a Canadian billing address and a US shipping address. I sent an email to the contact email address for astak but never got a reply. Please answer this comment.

  3. I would like to purchase an EZReader 5" Pro in Canada. I do not want to pay the additional duties included in international shipping. I have an US address but the website will not allow me to enter a Canadian billing and a US shipping address. I sent an email to the website's support address but never recieved a reply. I do not intend to smuggle the devise thru the border. Canadian are allowed $600.00 duty free after a 48 hour visit in the states and I am frequently at our US address. Please reply to my comment.

    Lynn N.


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