Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bruce Pechman reviews 5 inch Pocket PRO

I have a friend (Bruce Pechman) who is reknowned as one of the finest male physical speciments around. Entering his 50's... he looks in his low 30's. Don't we all wish we could say that?

Anyway, Bruce, who I met years ago. Bruce does a number of TV shows and two of them are: "Good Morning San Diego" and "Good Morning Los Angeles". IF you ever are in those areas look for Bruce's show.

Bruce started as a celebrity showing off his fabulous arm strength and muscles. However, over the years he has gobe heavily into being "The Muscleman of Technology"! I refreshed the friendship at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last January! Bruce recently called me and asked if he could do a live review of the Astak 5 inch Pocket PRO. He was doing a show on eBook Readers anyway... and the Pocket PRO was new and novel!

Clearly Bruce loved the Pocket PRO and still has it. We know he is trying to get other appearances where he might show it. Bruce will also be at this year's CES show in Las Vegas (January 7-10) and will be stopping by the Astak booth (#12640). If you see a guy walking around with arms like the old Blacksmiths used to have... say hello to Bruce and tell him that "Bob sent me"!! Nicest guy you would ever want to meet!!

You should be able to see the TV review on our website: www.theEZreader.com!! We will also be showing it at CES! Anyway, reviewers are loving the Pocket PRO and watching Bruce do the review is incredible!! Thank you so much, Bruce!!

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