Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New color eBook perhaps

Today Astak is beginning a trial of a complete color eBook Reader. The device just arrived for our trials.

The device weighs about 14 ounces and is about 1 inch in depth. The screen is measured diagonally at 7 inches.

We do not yet know what the battery life will be or many other facts. I am posting simply to let people know that we are indeed startingthe trials and we hope all will work out.

Color eBooks are definitely coming and there is a lot of discussion going on about whether they will go over successfully. Printed books, on the whole, are black ink on white paper. Yes, people do want to do a lot more than just read books. Some want to read comics, some want to show color pictures, some need color for medical purposes, and some just like a color interface. Also, color allows good cover artwork and other parts or features of a book.

We do not know yet if this will be released by Astak. The device is Touchscreen and has an onboard stylis. The device has Wi-Fi.

Let us code name this device as "Lectra". As soon as I know more I will do a new blog entry on it.

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  1. Dear Robert.

    You asked us at the mobileread what do we think about then new color device.
    There are quite a few people that are clamouring for a color reader. I am not one of them.

    Here is what I personally value about current devices (at the moment I am a happy owner of Sony PRS-500)
    - e-ink screen that:
    -- does not emit light
    -- has relatively high resolution
    - it lasts 3 weeks or high number of pageturns between charges
    - is highly portable
    - reads texts that I acquire from the net (I format vast majority of books according to my tastes)

    What would persuade me to invest in a new reader
    - better portability (more rugged design, 5 inch screen)
    - better software
    -- folder support
    -- customizable fonts
    -- customizable display of plain text files
    - price, *price*, PRICE

    I do not think that color device provides any of those (with possible exception of folder support).

    Have a look at the guys from Ukraine that sell PocketBook
    Have a look at their 5" device that they are preparing for the market

    Why I am telling you about them?
    That actually talk to their customers. Only Astak and PocketBook do that. Other manufacturers play very close to the chest. "OldMan" that posts on the above mentioned forum is manager / executive from PocketBook.
    They have great firmware that can be modified for other Netronix devices.


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