Monday, December 28, 2009

CES starts in 10 days

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, starts in Las Vegas on January 7 and ends on Jnaury 10. Since CES is like a small CITY you cannot imagine the extra time and effort to plan, prepare, set up, and tear down. Moving 20 people to Las Vegas for 6 days is quite a bit of logistics. Cramming ten people into a 2-bedroom house for CES is little short of a miracle.

Anyway, CES is THE premier event in Consumer Electronics. Last year it was largely Astak pleading to get a simple sub-category (rejected) for eBook Readers. We were over-run with attendees. This year CES has seen the light and has an entire eBook Pavilion!

As every Consumer Electronics company plans all year to debut products at CES... Astak is planning major new introductions there. Expect some major news from Astak!! We have two factories that build our eBook Readers and they both will be unveiling new models for us to sell. Such models are rumored to be featuring: Wi-Fi, 3G, and TouchScreen in seperate models. Our partner, Books On Board will be there handing out special CES coupons that will save end users a ton on eBooks. There is incredible news already that I cannot even hint about!

So... while this blog may be quiet for a while in early January... expect it to bust loose right after CES ends.

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