Monday, November 9, 2009

Differences between the EZ Reader and the Mentor Lite

The Mentor Line is made by a separate factory. They are two different lines. We do this to offer the latest in best in multiple lines.

The Mentor line now has the "Mentor Lite"... that is presently the only Mentor that we carry. More models are planned.

The Mentor Lite Version 2 has added the new Epson high-speed controller and MP3 for music while you read.

The EZ Reader Basic does not have the Epson Controller for faster page turns, although it is pretty fast anyway. What sets the Mentor Lite Version 2 (the only version that we sell) apart is the fact that it has the Epson Controller, has one-touch buttons to take you to the main menu or top go to Landscape Mode at any time you wish, and it adds one touch buttons to take you to the first real game on eBook Readers: a full version of Sudoku! So, you can read a bit, listen to music a bit, and then play some exciting Sudoku on a long trip.

Both devices (Mentor Lite 2 and EZ Reader Basic) have E-Ink technology for long battery charge life (8,000 pages to a single charge), a USER-REPLACEABLE rechargeable battery (we think this is a HUGE plus, have SD card slots to at least 4GB, and play music while you read. BOTH come with the case included!!

You can buy the Mentor Lite ONLY on at present.

Regarding Canada, we are working on adding more retail stores that will carry the Astak brand. FutureShop has it now. Others will be added as they accept the device.

This week we added 49 stores of retail stores carrying our device!! Those stores are in Washington State, Oregon, and Texas and they are expanding.


  1. How hard are the buttons on the Mentor Lite 2 to push? I'm thinking of arthritic hands here....

  2. I am strictly honest. So, I will have to admit that the four buttons on the keft hand side are tiny and take some learning to use. For arthritic hands, I would not think the Mentor Lite a good option. The main buttons are fine and one could simply choose not to use the one-touch buttons on the left which change the screen from verticle to horizontal display, give you one-touch to get to the main menu, and bring up Sudoku. There are other ways to do all these things using the main buttons.

    But...for arthritic hands I would choose the EZ Reader Basic. This is a great, easy-to-use, basic eBook Reader that is very straight-forward to learn and has all larger buttons.


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