Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Consumer Electronics Show is January 7-10

The annual Consumer Electronics Show will take place in Las Vegas from January 7-10!! About 500,000 attendees and press and media people will all swarm to there like bees to honey!

Why is this important to the end-user?

Here is why> every major eBook Reader manufacturer will be there. There is a special "eBook Pavilion" which Robertb asked for last year and CES agreed this year! My prodding, pressing, and providing names and emails to CES made this happen and I am really proud of that. I feel this pavilion symbalizes what we all now think: the "Year of the eBook" has finally come!!

Exhibitors start working towards this show in July!! That is how big this is. It takes a good six months of painstaking work to get ready. There is booth design, space selection changes, finding audio and video and pretty models. There is also the obvious and largest consideration: transporting displays and 20-40 people to Las Vegas and housing and feeding them so they can man the booth.

Yet... every major newspaper and magazine and TV station and retail store will have representatives there. Present models can be triied out and all new and planned models for the next year will at least be seen in prototype.

CES is really WHY you hear very little about new models form July thru December each year!! Everyone is planning the grand introduction at CES.

So... what will Astak be showing? I cannot tell you. Yes, we will have some major new models with incredible features. Some of the rumored products are really amazing and earth-shaking. BUT, you will have to either attend the show or count on reviewers to let you know. I will be posting here and on MobileRead Forum when I get back after the show.

So, this is why news is limited right now by everyone. They are waiting! The excitement is growing and everybody knows that CES will shake the entire eBook World!!

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