Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New eBook Store announced!!

Tired of worrying about finding the right books at the lowest price in the right format? Spending more time hunting for eBooks than reading? Worried about DRM?

Join Astak at the newest eBook Store: www.MyEZread.com. You will find most of our eBooks are either FREE (Google Free Library) or pay titles at the lowest price. We have 1 Million Google Titles and 200,000 PAY titles. IF your device uses Adobe Digital Editions (and most do with the exception of stubborn Kindle)... this site has it. We simplified everything: all titles are in either PDF or EPUB (both ideal for Adobe Digital Editions).

The site has a very sophisticated search engine, sub-category search, and search by Title, Author, or BOTH! One button gives you the latest BESTSELLERS straight from the New York Times charts. Not positive if you have Adobe Digital Editions? The site lists all applicable devices PLUS has a link for free download of Adobe Digital Editions.

You can either stay worried about hunting up sites OR join the crowd at: www.MyEZread.com!!
Simplify your life! Get the best price, the perfect format, and a huge selection at this new eBook Store! Coming soon to this site: a full-fledged forum with eBook Reviews, chatting, and making requests!

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